Custom Website Development

We specialize in a wide variety of custom development such as:
  • Customized shopping carts that fulfill your specific business requirements such as: special client/distributor accounts, complex pricing structure, dynamic inventory, shipping integration features, etc.
  • Application Development including: web based, client/server application development, etc.
  • Online reservation systems such as being able to buy tickets online, place auctions/bids, view schedules, etc.
  • Specialized form functionality that can interact with a variety of systems such as sales requests, customer support, catalogue requests, etc.
  • User management to enable access for specific users to private areas of your website or system.
  • Database management like access to online sales inventory, customer data, etc.
  • Customized picture galleries to showcase off real estate, products, etc.

Let's take a look at one of our clients' Spa Uniforms customized system. After initial systems analysis, Xplorex developed a custom business solution that allows Spa Uniforms to:
  • Quickly and easily, send their web orders directly from the system to their warehouse distributor, expediting and automating the process of order entry.
  • Display real time shipping fees from UPS's system to obtain an accurate estimate of total shipment costs.
  • Setup specific users to allow them to view their unique pricing and better customize data and available products to their users.
  • Submit US, Canadian and international orders - reaching out to a worldwide user base with the use of their website and shopping cart.
  • Easily and quickly manage the site content, product information, pricing, etc. without technical knowledge.
  • Instantly post transaction information to their users
Now their web system works harder, more efficient, reduces costs and make Spa Uniforms and their clients happier.

Wed be more than happy to provide you with a free analysis of your business and provide you with recommendations. Our team will analysis if your web page is optimized for the search engines.

Please contact us to arrange this.