Setting Up Entourage to Work with Xplorex Mail

Setting Up Entourage to Work with Xplorex Mail


Open Entourage.  

Click on File, New, E-mail Account:


Type in your new email address. Your accout is not on an Exchange server, so do NOT check off the box. Click on the right arrow to continue.



Entourage will helpfully tell you that the Automatic Configuration has failed. Don't worry! Simply click on the right arrow to continue.


On the next screen, fill in the following information:


Your Name: This is what will appear to people when they receive your email message.


E-Mail Address: Enter the email account you just created –


Account ID: Enter your complete email address here. Entourage will, by default, put your first name (or the name of the email account) the “Account ID” field here – overwrite the information with your full email address, as shown above.


Password: Type in the password you chose in the Xplorex System backend. It is a good idea to let MAC OS X save your password by checking off the small box.


Incoming mail server:

Incoming mail server type: POP

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


Note: Sometimes people using Telus as their ISP will have issues with their Outgoing mail server. If these settings do not work, you will have to change your SMTP server to However, test the default Xplorex mail settings first.




Click the right arrow to continue.


Allow the system to verify your settings. Click the button and ensure you see "Verification Succeeded" for both the incoming and outgoing servers.


Click the right arrow to continue.


Give your new email account a nickname and put it in the Account name field. This will help you determine which email account is being used in the case you have multiple email accounts on your Mac. Click on Finish.



You are now ready to send and receive email with Xplorex!