Importing Newsletter Subscribers

Importing Newsletter Subscribers


There are 2 ways to add a subscriber to your list within the Xplorex system, one is by adding them individually and the second by using a tab delimited file (txt) and doing a mass upload. The steps below show you how simple and easy this is for you to do.

Importing subscribers into your newsletter subscriber system.

1. Open the excel file which contains all of the subscriber details.
2. Remove the headers from each column. (eg. First name, last name, email)
3. Save the file as a text tab delimited file. (File - Save As)
4. Open the xplorex manager
5. Go to the "Newsletter" section

6. Click on newsletter subscriber
7. Click on import

8. In the import subscriber window, browse for the file you have just saved as a text file.
9. Select the group you wish to import into
10. Select separator: tabulation (this will be the same for all text files)
11. Select text delimiter: none
12. Select next
13. From the drop down menus, select in order, which fields you are importing.
14. Click import

You have now imported all your subscribers into the newsletter system.