Personalizing Your Xplorex Newsletters


Personalizing Your Xplorex Newsletters


The Xplorex System allows you to automatically personalize your newsletters to each client. All your newsletter subscriber information is stored on the system in a database, and to insert your reader’s first or last name all you need to do is refer a specific code to the appropriate field in your database. Sound like gibberish? It’s easy – here’s how!


Create a new newsletter from your custom Xplorex template.



Enter your email subject and the body of your newsletter. Don’t forget, you can have images and links in your newsletter – make it an interesting read for your customers!


Scroll down so you see the information that appears just below the newsletter content edit section. These are the Custom Tags you have available to you to personalize your newsletter.



Type in your greeting, then enter the code for the field you wish to use. For example:

Dear #First name#, welcome to the Tosche Times!

will read as: “Dear Luke, welcome to the Tosche Times!”

Likewise, if you wish to be more formal:

Dear Mr. #Last name#, thank you for your interest in our Tosche Station Power Converters.


will appear as: “Dear Mr. Skywalker, thank you for your interest in our Tosche Station Power Converters.”


You can also add the current date, an issue number for your newsletter, or allow automatic unsubscribe text.