How do I upload files?

How do I upload files?


The Xplorex System allows you to upload files for your customers to download, such as .PDF or Office documents, movies, or any other information you would like your site visitors to be able to save to their own computer.


Please note that in order to upload files to the server, you must have Java installed. Java is a free download from


To upload a file to your web space, click on the Content heading in your left hand menu. Select File Manager.


 You have multiple options within the Files Manager.

 You can do the following:

        • Delete files currently listed
        • Upload a new file
        • Upload an entire directory of files
        • Create a new directory
        • Secure a directory






To upload a new file, click on Upload. You will be prompted to locate the file on your computer.



Find the file you wish to upload and click Open. Please note that your file name cannot contain spaces! You will be returned to the upload screen; click Upload.


Depending on the size of your file, there will be a delay as the server receives the information. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you will be returned to the file listing page.


You can also create separate directories to organize your files. To create a new directory, click on Create Directory.



You will be returned to the Root Directory. To access the directory you just created, click on its Name. You can now upload files to this directory following the same instructions above.



To upload a number of files at once, you can use the Directory Upload feature. Instead of selecting the single file you wish to upload, you will be prompted to locate the directory. All files within the directory will be uploaded. Please note that you cannot change a fileís location after itís been uploaded; ensure you are uploading the file to the correct location before starting.