Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Xplorex compare to some of the other hosting companies?

Xplorex is far more than just a hosting company. Instead of providing you with web space that you upload your HTML files and scripts to, Xplorex licenses you a suite of powerful applications that give you unprecedented business functionality and power of control over your website.

I know how to develop websites or have technical people on staff. Does Xplorex still make sense for me?

Absolutely! If you have technical skills or have access to technical talent, you will appreciate Xplorex even more for the easy-to-use interface that masks powerful functionality. We try to include tools to perform every imaginable change to your website, and the more you know about the technology, the more you will marvel at the ingenuity behind Xplorex.

My website is fancy, and requires custom functionality. How will this work with the Xplorex System?

Xplorex has scalable architecture that allows our top-notch development team to implement your specific custom features on top of the existing Xplorex system. This way, you have a much shorter development cycle and as a result, a much lower development cost. Your company will benefit from a more advanced solution that is robust and does not contain that degree of unpredictability found in developing a custom application from scratch.

You say you don't require special knowledge to use the Xplorex System, yet you offer free training. What's the deal with that?

We liken the experience to upgrading from your very first bicycle to a top of the line, 21-speed mountain bike - sure, you know the basics of peddling and braking, but wouldn't it fun to learn how to use all the bells and whistles that come with your new toy? We sure think so!

The System

Can I use whatever Credit Card processor I want for online shopping?

Yes! You can use any credit card processing gateway processor that provides API or other integration techniques. However, if your credit card processor uses a gateway not currently supported by Xplorex, there will be an integration charge (starting from $500). Right now, Xplorex supports such gateways as Moneris, Paradata, and Paypal. Contact us to find out about other supported credit card processors!

I have a current email address. What happens when I transfer over to Xplorex?

Before switching your website to Xplorex, we will recreate all your existing email addresses in our system - there will be no email loss or interruption of service.

Do I need a web address (domain name)?

Yes; each website should have a domain name. You can have multiple domain names for a single website.

Do we keep our internet service provider (ISP)?

Xplorex is not an ISP, so you keep your existing internet serviced provider. However, if your current ISP also serves as your web hosting and email provider, you can cancel these services with your ISP once you switch to Xplorex.

Can I have RSS feeds on Xplorex?

Yes! You can have RSS Feeds on your website while using Xplorex system. It's just one of the features we've built right into our system just in case you ask for it!

Do you have an antivirus/antispam system?

Nobody likes spam, and we like viruses even less. We have current anti-virus and anti-spam software running on our mail servers. However, if you believe the level of virus or spam protection provided by Xplorex is insufficient, installing additional software on your computer can increase your protection against hostile web elements.

What do we do with our current host?

You can safely back up your old website and cancel your contract with your current web host.

What if I have no experience maintaining websites?

The Xplorex System is very easy to use. We designed the system with non-technical people in mind - it doesn't require any fancy software knowledge or engineering degrees. The interface is non-threatening, and resembles Microsoft Word. We also provide you with training, and have a support team standing by!

I have my own email server, and I like it. Can I keep it?

Yes, if you have an in-house email server or a preferred 3rd party email provider, you can still use them - Xplorex can host only your website and all functionality.

Can I use my current design and still use Xplorex?

Yes! We can transform your website to Xplorex system without changing the existing design. The look will remain the same, but the functionality of your website will vastly improve.

What should I do if I get lost in the system and don’t know how to proceed?

After implementing the Xplorex System for your business, we will hold a training session for you and your staff to ensure you have a solid grasp on how to use the tool. We also offer you our support even after the training is completed. You can contact us with any inquiries, requests or reports. Also, you will have access to Xplorex online manual, which will take you through site maintenance process once again.

Can I only use Xplorex from my office?

No way! Xplorex is a Browser Based System, which means you can access it from any computer with an internet connection.


Can my website have flash?

Absolutely! Our website features flash; yours can too!

Can I have streaming video?

Yes! However, adding streaming video requires some HTML knowledge.

Is Xplorex multilingual? For example, can it handle Chinese character sets?

Xplorex has multilingual capabilities. The system can display the data in any language that is required.  Our content management system supports all world known languages, including Chinese.

I know that Xplorex lets me change my text, but can I also change the images on my site?

Definitely! You are in complete control of your website - if you can see it, you can change it. Our trainers will show you how to change both text and images, as well as adding links - creating new pages - making forms - and more!

Can I import my contacts from programs like Microsoft Outlook into Xplorex for sending newsletters?

Yes, you can import data from any contacts manager (such as Microsoft Outlook or Maximizer) capable of exporting data in plain text formats (tad separated, comma separated) into Xplorex.

Can I track the newsletters that I send to my contacts?

Yes! Our extremely advanced tracking system allows you to gather business intelligence from the e-mails you send. You can check if the newsletter went out, see who has opened the message, who clicked clicked on the links, and more!

Can I personalize the newsletters that I send to my contacts?

Yes, the newsletters you send out can be personalized with the subscriber’s name, company, and other database fields. You can auto-populate the addressing features without having to type each one individually.

Is there a limit to the number of subscribers I can have?

Absolutely not - you have the power to reach as many people as you possibly can!

Does Xplorex allow me to have password-protected pages for private information?

Yes; the system allows you to create secure member areas. It is up to you how many people will be privileged with logins and passwords accessing these areas. 

Can I add documents/PDF files/images, etc?

Yes, you can easily upload files and publish them on the website, or have your customers download the information directly on to their own computers.

Can you register my site with search engines?

The Xplorex System provides a number of tools that improves the search engines position of your website. Many of our sites rank #1 in their area on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Can I send email online?

XMail is the Xplorex Webmail feature. You can send and receive your email from any computer with an internet connection. This feature is not part of the standard Xplorex package; there is a fee per webmail account. Contact us for more information!

Do you have a statistics package?

We LOVE statistics. The Xplorex System contains a very detailed statistics package that allows you to observe traffic on your website down to the hour, if you desire. Thanks to this module, you can trace the most popular pages and the most active users. Learning your visitors’ behavior will help with your online marketing strategies!

How does the product catalogue/e-commerce function work?

The catalogue is a useful tool you can use for showcasing your products. It allows you to upload photos, create and manage photo galleries.

E-commerce is a function you can use to sell your products online. You can add an unlimited number of items to the shopping cart; alternate currencies; process secure credit card information; and store sales orders in the database for further purposes. 

What are your storage capabilities?

Xplorex can store unlimited number of pages including text and images.

Is there a limit to how many website pages I can have?

There are systems that put restrictions on how many pages your website can contain. More pages usually means higher maintenance costs. The Xplorex System is designed so that your website can hold as much content as required – the sky’s the limit!


How can I pay for your services?

You can pay by credit card or cheque on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Drop us a line; we'd love to hear from you!